What to Expect from your Cancer Treatment

What to expect from your visit

At the Nottingham Oncology Group, or expertly provided care has you at its heart. We are unique in the East Midlands in offering a truly comprehensive site specialised approach for private cancer care.

Working from The Park Cancer Centre we offer:

Nursing care: Access to a 24-hour nursing and advice/ triage service which is supported by advice from ourselves and open access to be seen at the Park Hospital should you require prompt attention.

Timely care: Same day tests – bloods, X-Rays, CT and MRI scans – and the results available the same day. Depending on complexity we can arrange chemotherapy to start the same or the next day, and radiotherapy to start within a week.

Expert care: Our unique collaborative approach means that we have a TNOG consultant present each day of the week, should you need to see one of us urgently – ensuring continuity of care and timely tackling of any problems that may arise during your treatment.

Could you please pass our thanks on to Dr Mills, he made me feel as if I mattered, none of us know what the future will bring but I will not forgot how he has made me feel. My wife commented on the way home as to how well Dr Mills explained everything. We are both very pleased to have met him.

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