Chemotherapy Treatment

About The Treatment

Here at the Nottingham Oncology Group, we have extensive experience in treating a whole range of different cancer patients with chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy treatment itself is the use of pharmaceutical drugs to treat cancer, by acting upon and killing the cancer’s cells directly. This is often given as a drip (intravenously) or may be given as tablets. The drugs used in chemotherapy, depending on the type of cancer being treated, can be used alone or in combination with other treatments such as biological therapies, or radiotherapy. Different chemotherapies have different side effects. We will select the nature of chemotherapy to be used in complete partnership with you. The decision will be based on your tumour type, on any particular circumstances that may have and your own personal preferences too will be carefully considered. We will start treatment as soon as clinically appropriate and be able to offer you a choice of treatment times for your convenience. We are based at The Park Cancer Centre and work closely with the team of specialist nurses there, who are experienced in the administration of anti-cancer therapies and treatments. This treatment may be used in different settings, and may form part of an individualised programme or be the whole treatment:

Types of Chemotherapy Treatment


Giving chemotherapy as an additional treatment either prior to, or after surgery to reduce the chance of cancer returning. Sometimes adjuvant chemotherapy is given with radiotherapy.


Giving chemotherapy treatment to control a cancer or to treat and ease the symptoms, where the cancer itself cannot be cured.


We will sometimes give chemotherapy as a treatment on its own to treat certain types of cancers, without surgery or radiotherapy. The aim of curative chemotherapy is in the name; the hope to eliminate all cancerous cells to achieve what is called complete remission, i.e. to ‘cure’ the cancer.

''We are so grateful to Dr Saunders and all the nurses and radiographers at the Cancer Unit at The Park Hospital who looked after us so well when the cancer was diagnosed and then treated by radiotherapy and chemotherapy over a 6 month period.''


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