Private Medical Insurance or Self-Funding


Whilst most patients having treatment privately do so through private medical insurance (PMI), some pay for their care themselves. As we are registered and approved by all the major insurers we are happy to see all patients with PMI, as well as those who are self-paying.

All insurers will only allow care to go ahead after pre-authorisation – which we always seek on your behalf. Insurance companies also like to be kept informed by their customers as well as receiving medical reports/requests from medical teams.

Whilst some patients  self pay for their entire treatment privately, many patients self pay for a second opinion on their illness, or for investigations to be done quicker. We welcome requests for a second opinion, and will source a quote if you are paying for your medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Either way you will be asked to pre-authorise your care by paying a deposit of money up front to cover potential costs.


We do not routinely charge you more than insurers cover you for your private care. The fees that insurance companies accept for consultations are fixed, and vary from insurer to insurer.

Our consultation fees for patients who self pay are below:

  • New patient consultation (45 mins) – £225
  • Follow up consultation (20 mins) – £125

If you’re unsure if you can afford private cancer care, or have a question about your insurance – please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Interested in private cancer care? Take a look at our what to expect page.

''Under the care of Dr Saunders this difficult time was made bearable and he gave us the encouragement and strength to retain control over our lives with hope for our future.''


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