Radiotherapy Treatment

About The Treatment

The clinical oncologists in The Nottingham Oncology Group are all fully qualified in the use of high-quality technical radiotherapy. We are able to deliver state-of-the-art image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). This enables us to treat your cancer whilst, at the same time, reducing the amount of normal tissue that receives radiation. This can lead to a reduced level of side effects while enabling us to ensure that the dose of radiation is delivered exactly where we want it to be.We will be able to start your treatment as soon as clinically appropriate and will be able to offer you a choice of therapy times for your convenience.

GenesisCare UK

The treatment service itself is provided by GenesisCare. GenesisCare are experts in this field and we and please to be working with and alongside their team of specialist radiographers, physicists, and dosimetrists. This will ensure that you experience the highest possible level of care when you are receiving cancer treatment. You will be reviewed regularly during treatment by your specialist oncologist and by the radiotherapy, team to help manage and control any side effects which may develop.

Types of Radiotherapy Treatment

Radiotherapy is used to treat many different types of cancer. It involves the use of high-energy x-ray beams to disturb and remove cancer cells. This treatment can be used in different settings and scenarios:

Radical or curative

When used as the primary treatment to treat cancer with curative intent, either alone or sometimes with chemotherapy

Adjuvant or post-operative

When used following surgical removal of cancer to decrease the risk of recurrence and improve the chance of cure.


When used to treat the symptoms of cancer even when it cannot be cured. For example to reduce pain. Radiotherapy in this setting can also be used to treat or prevent some of the complications of cancer.

If radiotherapy is recommended as part of your cancer treatment, your clinical oncologist will discuss and even plan your treatment with you.

Getting Radiotherapy Treatment in Nottingham

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S. Scott - Prostate Cancer Patient

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